UDSM to support SME’s growth

THE University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) has pledged to work with stakeholders from nine countries to have an economy that supports small and medium entrepreneurs in their respective countries.

UDSM Deputy Vice Chancellor- Academic Prof Bonaventure Rutinwa said this yesterday, during the opening ceremony of the 18th International Conference on African Entrepreneurship and small business development held at the University’s Business School.

The countries participating in the forum apart from Tanzania are USA, Sweden, Ghana, Netherlands, Kenya, Botswana, South Africa and Uganda. He said that, the conference is designed for enabling those countries to share their research related to the entrepreneurial small and medium enterprises, in different areas.

Prof Rutinwa noted the conference also ensures that countries have an economy that follows country’s goals citing Tanzania which is envisioned to reach middle income economy by 2025.

This years’ theme of the event is ‘Entrepreneurship, Industrialisation and Inclusive Economic Growth’ integrates both international and local focus on economic development.

“Our government has taken number of initiatives to create an enabling environment for SMEs development. Also is committed to enabling SMEs to become credible partners as we thrive for economic growth and wealth creation,” he said.

UDBS Dean, Dr Ulingeta Mbamba, said they have organised the 18th international conference to enable stakeholders to get opportunity to learn first-hand form the small and medium-sized businessmen and women about challenges they face.

“ICAEB will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to exchange views, share knowledge and experiences as well as disseminate research findings and practical lessons in areas of small business management and entrepreneurship,” he said.

He explained that there are several factors that caused SME to develop and progress their business including lack of capital and market. On the other hand, an entrepreneur of natural medicine, Elizabeth Lema said, factory registration rules require adjustments to enable a Small entrepreneur to be donated.

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