Shibuda: Address President politely

LOCAL politicians have been advised to avoid using vulgar language when they want to convey their messages to the President.

The piece of advice was given in Dar es Salaam recently, by the Chairperson of the Tanzania Political Parties’ Council, Mr John Shibuda (pictured), during a meeting organised by the Tanzania Constitution Forum (TCF).

He, however, advised them to use their Political Parties’ Council to resolve misunderstandings within their parties, saying “it is the voice of politicians and was established purposely to regulate political issues in the country.”

“Political leaders should mind their tongues and avoid using rude language when they want to advise the President so that their recommendations could be considered. Sometimes the president can ignore your views, because of the way you present them,” he said.

Mr Shibuda further advised the government leaders and all public institutions to keep records of the achievements of the Fifth Phase government for the benefit of future generations.

“The President is doing a great job in the development of our country; so government leaders and their institutions are duty-bound to keep records of its achievements. The citizens have the right to know the good work performed by the President they voted for,” he further said.

The TCF Vice-Chairman, Mr Mussa Kombo, said the meeting was focused on discussing constitutional reforms ahead of the 2020 General Election

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