NBC counsels customers on investment opportunities

NBC has encouraged its corporate customers to continue investing in the country to take advantage of the stable and bright economic development.

“During the meeting we have taken our big customers through the Tanzania’s economic trend and others in Sub- Saharan Africa. We encourage our customers to continue investing because the country’s economic trend is good,” said NBC’s Treasury and Financial M arketing Director, Peter Nalitolela, during a meeting held in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday.

M r Nalitolela said the bank informed the investors that the economy is expected to grow further with the ongoing projects to construct new transport infrastructures such as roads and railways.

The investors who participated in the meeting were the bank’s big customers investing in big businesses, manufacturing industries, agriculture and others.

However, the bank usually passes over the information on country’s economy to individual customers as part of its duties. Economic expert with Insignia Limited M s J igma B adiani, noted that the future for Tanzania’s economy sounds good.

“The future is quite optimistic since the figures for economic growth are promising. Tanzania is a hood country to invest,” she remarked. She said the good thing was that the government was also encouraging business in the country.

When presenting economic data to participants, M s B adiani said Tanzania’s economic growth mostly above peers in the East African region, with steady growth performance.

One of the participating investors, M r Samwel Aggrey from V ivo Company, said the meeting was useful because they needed to be aware of country’s economic trend.

“U pon this meeting, I have seen that the country’s economy is stable and the government’s strategies are good.

This gives us opportunities to invest more,” he said.


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