Local firms decry lack of info on Rufiji hydropower project

PRIVATE sector stakeholders have challenged the main contractor who executes Stiegler’s Gorge hydroelectricity project to provide enough information to the public on available business opportunities in the mega power project.

Speaking at a workshop to create awareness on business opportunities from the Rufiji hydropower project in Dar es Salaam over the weekend, a board member of Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), Abdulsamad Abdulrahim said, “there is lack of information and transparency upon Rufiji Hydroelectric power project.

Initial works on the construction of the 2,115MW Rufiji hydropower plant began this month after the government made an advance payment of 309.65 million US dollars to a joint venture of Egyptian companies, Arab Contractors and El Sewedy Electric Co, for the construction of the project expected to cost 3.6 billion US dollars.

Mr Abdulrahim who is also Vice Chairman of Association of Tanzania Oil and Gas Services Providers (ATOGS) said lack of information made it difficult for the private sector to know what kind of works have been allocated for local entrepreneurs. He made to Uganda on the crude oil pipeline noting that stakeholders at private sector were being engaged.

There must be plenty of information flowing from operators (main contractor) to public, he said noting there should be improvement of information flow to the public and the private sector too.

He said the contractor should clearly tell the public about nature of works allocated for local companies, their application procedures and where local contractors have to apply.

A workshop which was prepared by Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) in collaboration with the National Economic Empowerment Council (NEEC) was attended by more than 300 participants from various public and private organisations targeted to discuss parameters which would enable local companies to engage and apply works as sub-contractors.

Meanwhile, a contractor for Rufiji hydroelectric project said a total of subcontract works for the project was not quantified but the project provides assurance of employment for local people is more than 70 per cent of the total labour force.

A representative for Project Contractor’s to the workshop Mohamed Hassan who is an Egyptian told the workshop that huge project like the Stiegler’s Gorge hydroelectricity project involves a lot of activities.

He advised local companies to send their profiles for establishing a database.

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