Lady golfers mulling annual continental golf challenge

PLANS are underway for Africa lady golfers to work together in fostering promotion of the sport among ladies and girls across the continent.

Tanzania Ladies Golf Union (TGU) Vice-President Anita Siwale said they have received a letter from South African official Malethola Matube for them to consider the matters.

Copy of the latter that the ‘Daily News’ had its copy suggests that South Africa should host the first Africa Annual Year End Challenge on the first weekend of December 2019.

The event will focus on identifying challenges the continent is facing toward development of the sport and find lasting solutions. “I see December is open. Through you my presidents and leaders from around our beautiful continent of Africa: I suggest that we consider planning a Lady Golfers Africa Annual Year End Challenge,” Matube said.

Matube added in the letter : “The first day we will host a conference where we will discuss how we can innovate to grow opportunities in golf and business for juniors and lady golfers in Africa and address existing and future challenges.”

The letter further reads that the last day, participants will have a tournament with each country will be dressed in its national colours. “We may consider a floating trophy per category and prize money for the overall winning country, segment the tournament into amateurs and professionals. Professionals may get paired with amateurs but they play medal.

Amateurs play IPS,” explained Matube in the letter. Matube suggested the launch be held in South Africa as the initiative originator, then, alternate every year in different countries until they reach all the countries in Africa.

She also suggested forming a committee that comprises two representatives per country to ensure success, growth and sustainability of this initiative. South Africa is among World’s golf developed countries and dominant in African competitions from junior to senior levels.

Siwale said they support the idea and that it came at the right time when TLGU is working on reviving ladies and girls golf activities in the country. “This is a good idea and we hope that all ladies in the country will support too. We have already communicated the news to our members for them to be aware and participate in one way or the other,” she said.

The Tanzania People’s Defence Forces (TPDF) Lugalo Golf Club ladies captain Ayne Magombe and the national team captain Madina Idd were quick to respond and support the initiative. They said it is a good idea and suggests Tanzania should participate at the event for betterment of the sport.

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