We must influence other global villagers to fancy our products

THE exp ression spinning around the futility of strum m ing a guitar before a goat and exp ecting it to be am used, and probably dance into the bargain, may, to some extent, apply to the seve ral attem pts for com ing up with Tanzanian national dresses for m ales and females.

They have not registered the anticipated reception due, partly, to the feeling that, a national dress would im ply uniform ity, by reducing adults to pupils or students.

What’s m ore, since Tanzania is part of the global vi llage, it would probably be im proper for wananchi to be a ‘uniformed lot’.

Delightfully, however, the Kiswahili language, national anthem and m ajestic Kilim anjaro Mountain are servi ng us well as national adve rtisers.

It is im proper – indeed inexc usable – howeve r, for us to em - brace what we m ay liberally characterise as global vi llage-ism , at the exp ense of sq uandering vas t opportunities that lie in fields in which q uite m any ‘fellow vi llagers’ take m axi m um advan tage. In our vi ew, there are two angles to the problem .

The prim ary one is the tendency to literally worship things foreign, which are perceive d as superior, which conseq uently kill or drastically curtail our ve nturesom e spirit.

We have gradually been growing wiser by realising that, with proper strategies, we can not only use and consum e som e foreign item s alongside our own, but psyche foreigners into em bracing som e of ours, to som e of which they fall in deep love .

All it takes is aggressive m arketing, a strategy that foreigners apply to the m aximum , to take m axi m um advan tage of us, thanks largely to our tendency to fancy and eve n worship m any things foreign, and underm ine ours, eve n the ones we have n’t bothered to sam ple.

The trend is gradually changing, but the speed should be swifter.

The wine industry is one of the areas in q uestion, against the backdrop of the wine festival slated for October, being organised by Dodom a Hut of Wine and Cheese.

Local wine brands have captured the fancy of local people and foreigners alike.

The festival will certainly raise the fancy to a higher leve l. The wine factor m ay be replicated in other products – all it takes is m arketing aggressive ness.

The bottom line is that we m ust strive to be active vi llagers within the global village, by influencing fellow vi llagers to fancy what we are offering, as we do what they do.

CULTURE being the soul of the nation is ...

Mwandishi: EDITOR

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Weka maoni yako

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