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DAWASA avail water to Makoka residents please

WATER is very important for life, and we daily need it to drink, wash our hands, cook, water plants and many other things.

Without water, the plants die and people and animals go thirsty and despite various efforts, there are thousands of people in places like Dar es Salaam who don’t get water in places where they live.

For example, if you visit Makoka area located at Tabata Kisukuru ward in Ilala District, Dar es Salaam Region you won't believe the serious water shortage that faces residents of this place.

Women in this place spend more time searching for this important liquid, and relevant authorities in the area seem not to have given weight to this problem which makes lives of people hard.

Though families in this area have tapes connected to DAWASA, but unfortunately the tapes are dry January to December, and there are no explanations as to why this service is unavailable, though the fifth phase government wants people to get such services in their vicinities.

Residents of Makoka have made tireless efforts to contact the Tabata DAWASA office, but there are no concrete reasons given why this place does not have water.

What surprises people of this place is that their neighbours living at Kwa Mkua area in the western, and those at Migombani in the eastern have constant supply of water but at Makoka where there are about 80 families, their tapes are always dry.

I don't know whether the DAWASA Executive Director Cyprian Lumeleja is informed about this problem, otherwise I am optimistic that he would have addressed it a long time ago.

Investigations have shown that families spend a lot of money buying water from vendors, and this precious liquid is what costs them a lot of money compared to other daily needs.

For example, a family of five members spend around 28,000/-a week just for buying water from vendors, which makes it 112,000/-for a month, and this makes the family live in hard economic situation.

Remember that a backet of water is 400/-and the minimum buckets that a family needs per day is ten buckets.

I plead with DAWASA to move with the current speed of President John Magufuli who wants ordinary people to get affordable water services.

I am confidently sure that the water scarcity in Makoka area can easily be solved if the Tabata DAWASA Manager decides to take a quick action. It can be done, let DAWASA office at Tabata takes an immediate action to rescue Makoka residents from water woes.

Makoka people should as well benefit from the World Bank project in Dar es Salaam, whose objective is to provide a reliable, affordable and sustainable water supply service and improve the sewerage and sanitation through DAWASA.

That project which includes Dar es Salaam and part of the Coast region is expected to improve public health and well-being in a city prone to cholera outbreaks or other water-borne diseases and support productive activities of the country's main economic center.

I know there are five components to the project which include rehabilitation and extension of the water supply facilities.

Rehabilitation and extension of the sewerage and waste water treatment facilities, community water supply and sanitation facilities associated with the improvement of the operations of the water supply and sanitation service.

Mwandishi: DEO MUSHI

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