Ramaphosa jets in today

SOUTH AFRICAN President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to arrive in Dar es Salaam today for a threeday State visit and SADC summit.

The Government Chief Spokesperson Dr Hassan Abbasi said in Dar es Salaam yesterday that Mr Ramaphosa becomes the first President to arrive in the country ahead of the regional body summit slated for Saturday and Sunday.

The VIP guest will, among other places, visit the Mazimbu camp in Morogoro that hosted freedom fighters of his country, and others in the region.

“We are saying that the leaders from those SADC countries who come to Tanzania for the summit is like they are returning to their home. Tanzania contributed a lot to the freedom of those nations,” Dr Abbasi explained.

He further said that almost all leaders of the SADC member states have confirmed their attendance to the event.

Meanwhile, Dr Abbasi commended the media for a good job in covering the ongoing activities ahead of the summit, hoping that it will sustain the spirit throughout the summit’s duration.

He said since the preceding activities of the summit started last week, the media have played their collaborative role efficiently.

In another development, more than 40 ambassadors of Tanzania to various nations are in the country for the summit and will today visit the Julius Nyerere Hydropower Project (JNHPP).

Dr Abbasi said their visit is intended to prepare them for a new task ahead to effectively undertake economic diplomacy, particularly in the SADC countries where some of them represent Tanzania.

Tanzania’s ambassadors to SADC countries will be chairpersons of the ambassadors in those countries for the next one year since President John Magufuli will take over the regional body chairmanship during that period.

“The ambassadors are already in the country. Since they have been out of their country for quite sometime, they should visit and see the mega hydropower project so that once they go back to those countries they effectively implement economic diplomacy to attract investors to the country,” Dr Abbasi noted.

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Weka maoni yako

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