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Kagera business delegation to explore opportunities in Great Lakes region

KAGERA business people plan to visit neighbouring Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya countries to explore available trade and investment opportunities.

The Regional Commissioner (RC), Brig.Gen. Marco Gaguti said the business people would also tour DRC Congo and South Sudan in a trip to be organized by the regional office in November this year.

Speaking at the on-going business and investment forum in the region, he said the plans came after Tanzanian Ambassadors in those countries revealed investment opportunities likely to be grabbed by Tanzanians especially in agriculture and industrial products as well as in transport and minerals areas.

“As you know that yesterday (Monday) we met with all the ambassadors representing Tanzania in those five countries, who came to join us in this Forum. They invited us to visit their countries.

We have no chance to waste…. we have to immediately organize the trip because our main target is to make Kagera the commercial hub,” he said.

Kagera is on strategic area where people from those neighbouring countries are met, hence, it was a right time for Tanzanians to promote all investment opportunities available in the region as well as both food and commercial crops.

The week-long Kagera Investment Forum began on Monday in Bukoba Municipality and will be officially launched today by Prime Minister, Kassim Majaliwa, according to the RC.

He added that, the PM will also launch the region investment guide, which will be giving proper directions on how best to introduce the business and invest in Kagera.

Governors from various constituencies in those five neighbouring countries were expected to land on yesterday for the Forum, on top of over 300 other local and foreign participants who were already participating, said the RC.

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