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TPDC to connect 10 more industries with natural gas

THE Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) plans to connect 10 more industries with natural gas in three years period, its Managing Director, Dr James Mataragio has said.

He told the ‘Daily News’ yesterday that demand for gas for domestic industries was increasing as many industries were eying to switch to gaspowered generators so as to cut operation costs from use of electricity or diesel.

Speaking after visiting industries that use the gas in Mkuranga district, Coast region over the weekend, the ten industries to be connected with the natural gas would add to 54 the number of industries using the gas.

So far, a total of 44 industries in Dar es Salaam, Coast and Mtwara regions have been connected to natural gas, according to the TPDC boss. Out of them, 39 industries are in Dar es Salaam, three in Mtwara and two in Coast Region.

Dr Mataragio stated that response was high among the industrialists to shift to natural gas- powered generators.

He said several other industries were constructing infrastructures for gas connection, including the Knauf gypsum industry in Mkuranga district, Coast region.

Owners of local industries acknowledged production assurance after switching to using natural gas for generating power.

They told the ‘Daily News’, that the use of natural gas has relieved them from challenges of power interruptions which were affecting production chain. Goodwill Tiles industry and Lodhia Steel industry in Mkuranga which use the gas admitted that using the gas has given them production assurance.

Operations Manager of the Goodwill, Mr Msafiri Figa, said the production has been guaranteed since they started using the gas because there were no power fluctuations.

Mr Raju Singh, General Manager of the Lodhia Steel industry, thanked President John Magufuli and the TPDC for free construction of natural gas infrastructures to the industry.

Mr Singh argued that natural gas was friendly to environment since it does not emit harmful gas to the environment during power generation unlike the heavy fuel oil.

He said since they started using the gas in the past two months the monthly spending on power for production has reduced from 250m/- to 80m/-.

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