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Bukoba municipal plans fish cage farming

BUKOBA Municipality plans to introduce fish cage farming in Lake Victoria, aiming at among others, controlling illegal fishing as well as assuring constant supply for domestic and international markets.

The Municipality’s fishing expert, Mr Ignatio Rwinwa told the Tanzania Standard Newspapers (TSN) reporters in Bukoba recently, they would set aside demarcated fishing areas in the lake and give them to registered and licensed fish farmers.

“Currently, the lake is accessed by anybody, randomly conducting fishing while some people use illegal fishing tools. This new technology will serve in overcoming all those challenges because everyone will be under cross supervision of the Municipal,” he said.

He said fish cage farming would also serve in availability of healthy fish because fish farmers would be responsible to give them food supplements.

It is the same kind of foods which have been given to any type of livestock, including cattle and birds. Naturally, all creatures in water are fed by natural foods available under water, he further said.

“Supplement foods therefore will add value to fish hence, increasing the farmers’ income while contributing in to the Municipal and the nation’s economy,“ stressed Mr Rwinwa.

For his part, the Municipal’s Director, Mr Limbe Bernard commented that despite the fact fish cage farming was not yet in use, the available fish were enough to feed local processing industries.

Availability of the raw materials was a result of the fight against illegal fishing while encouraging the use of modern technology in the fishing, he said.

“We have only one big investor in this area while over 3 0 surveyed plots have been set aside for small, medium and large industries.

We encourage both local and foreign investors to grab the opportunity since our Municipal is on strategic area attracting people from the neighbouring Uganda, Rwanda and Uganda countries,” he said.

Mr Bernard said that investment opportunities were almost in all sectors, be it agriculture, livestock, tourism, as well as soft and hard drinks to mention but few.

About 20 kilometres of beach-area in the Municipal has been set aside for construction of tourist hotels, he said.

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