PM: We’re committed to sharpening youth skills

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has said the government is committed to ensuring the youth acquire career skills through an apprenticeship programme to address unemployment in the country.

He said the second phase of the apprenticeship programme launched yesterday, which went together with the commemoration of the 100th ILO anniversary, was attended by 5,875 young people from all regions in the country.

He said the programme aimed at equipping the youth with career skills from Standard Seven leavers to University graduates.

Mr Majaliwa said the programme was first launched in 2017 and last year 32,786 young people from various disciplines graduated through a move initiated by President John Magufuli to equip them with requisite skills to set up their own projects.

The PM said training was part of the courses the government would sponsor and in this fiscal year more than 46,000 young people had been listed for such courses.

He commended Don Bosco Net Tanzania Institute and other institutions offering apprenticeship courses, thus making it really self-employment.

"After graduation the youth form economic groups, set up small-scale industries and in so doing improve their socioeconomic status and the country’s at large," said Mr Majaliwa.

He directed institutions which the government had entrusted with offering career skills to ensure they imparted to the youth high tech apprenticeship expertise.

"You must live to the agreement; we bank on your experienced trainers since it is not the first time. I am hopeful that you will mould the youth to be competitive in the labour market," he said.

He said youth unemployment was still a challenge worldwide as some of the reasons attributed to that were lack of the right skills needed in the labour market as well as for self-employment in a number of sectors.

Mr Majaliwa said as the government moved towards an industrialised economy having the youth, which were an important workforce, with the quality skills, then attaining the industrial drive by 2025 would be a reality.

He called upon employers and institutions to offer internship opportunities to apprenticeship traineessince the programme carried more of practical fields so that the trainees could attain the right skills.

According to ILO Employment Status Report of 2019 in Africa almost 34 million people are unemployed, while in the country the unemployment rate is estimated to be below 10 per cent.

“The government,” he said, “will keep on fostering ILO's Decent Work Agenda, Access to Social Security and Extend Social Security Coverage.”

He said a number of initiatives had been taken to reach the targets, including amendment of some laws, policies and systems.

Moreover, he said they had opened up opportunities so that work opportunities were availed, including a special fund for the youth, women and disabled as well impart to the youth life skills.

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