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Pay taxes to enable govt provide essential services

RIGHT from the onset of our country’s political independence in 1961, disease was one of the three critical enemies that the leadership cited as one of the most critical.

Led by frontline nationalist Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, the leadership cited poverty and ignorance as the other deadly enemies.

The point they sought to drive home to their compatriots was that, attainment of political independence was not an end in itself.

The colonial regime had been humbled into accepting the reality that the people of the then Tanganyika, plus, subsequently, Tanzania, were not masters of their destiny.

That was fine, as was the fact that after the colonial masters’ departure, the running of the newly independent nation had been thrust into the local leadership.

Yet, so long as the country was held captive to the three major enemies, its independence was incomplete. Hence the Mwalimu-led administration’s resolute ambition to wage a relentless struggle against them.

For the best results, efforts in tackling those critical enemies had to be more-or-less at the same level. Else, a half-measure scenario would ensure that Tanzanians wouldn’t make much headway at an impressive speed.

It would be pointless, for instance, for economically stable and well-educated people to be unhealthy. Stable health is most crucial, but is considerably elusive, especially for the majority poor scattered mainly in the countryside.

Shortage of health sector personnel is one of the major problems. In addressing it, the government has come up with the novel idea of broadening the cadre of health sector cadre, by bringing on board community health personnel.

Under the arrangement announced by the sector minister Ms Ummy Mwalimu, these individuals will operate from their residences, the rationale being that, being conversant with the norms and traditions around, they would be best placed to serve wananchi on basic medical issues.

It means that wananchi who would have otherwise been exposed to health deterioration and even death would be rescued. It is apparent that, the sweet fruits of this arrangement would be witnessed after a fairly short period.

For given the vastness of our country, the many people who would be served by the personnel in question would make a big, positive difference.

It would be a big plus in the battle against disease as one of our major enemies including others if only people learn to pay taxes without being reminded and pushed.

In short, the benefit of paying taxes is to ensure that everyone in the community enjoys the services being provided by government.

Whether the taxes pay for defense, infrastructure, education, or public safety the intention is that they create a safe and stable environment in which people can live.

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