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4 times you can get ahead as a career woman

IN the society today, unlike in the past, the majority of women are working in the corporate world as men.

We complete college and go in search for jobs believing that it’s exactly what a career entails but developing a professional career doesn’t actually commence after graduating from higher learning.

We build our careers every single day and if you weren’t so lucky to realize what you really wanted to engage in at a certain phase of life, then it’s not unfortunate for you either because every one of us has been there too.

While some are lucky enough to realize that activity that sparks a lot of interest in them and actually go for it at an early age, through high school and even select courses that perfectly align with their interests but as for the majority of people the "try and error’’ method still works perfectly as the years pass by until we notice that which we love to do the most, that which fulfills us.

Never the less, it’s never too late to accomplish anything in your career. This life gets so much complex with so much to accomplish and so little time, we need fulfillment in our careers, bills to pay and even vacations to go several times a year.

Just like diets and fitness programs, career building is something you should put action into structuring today and not tomorrow. Set Goals (small achievable goals) These goals must be realistic and attainable.

You can set a goal as small as getting off social media 1 hour a day to work on learning something new and as you approach the weekend you surely will smile at the little you achieved by doing so Keep your goals clear and defined and right in front of your face, even though it might look intuitive as we chase our dreams but as women we tend to lose focus at times, wanting to do everything at the same time and in turn losing the initial track. Practise resilience too when things get tough.

Keep your mind agile (learn) The world around you is evolving isn’t it? With new systems being built, new ways of doing those activities you do daily are being invented too. You see just how important you should invest in learning right?

Whether it’s continuing your education, learning new skills in your career, a new language, an up to date office system just don’t miss out on the opportunity to keep learning. A lot of courses are offered on google from universities all over the world and majority of them are free and come with certificates.

The world today is indeed a village, take advantage of that. A career woman who wants nothing but success in her field never ceases to learn. Get yourself a Mentor We all need someone whose being ahead of us in the field to walk us through, learn from their mistakes and do better.

You should get someone you aspire to and have them show you the way .Surround yourself with people older than you or even younger who have much more experience in whatever career you are headed to pursue. The span they’ve worked in that field should also be lengthy enough.

Be coachable and always ready to learn and you also could make more than one mentor, don’t limit yourself. You can start right there right then, anywhere It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to already have a clear set career plan in order for you to put in the work nor a well-established financial plan to do so but you should start building your dream career right where you are at this very moment.

It’s never too early or too late to start building a career that would fulfill your life in the future, no matter your circumstances, you could still lay the ground work. Remember everyone has to start somewhere and it’s rarely at the top.

As a woman with the urge for a stable career in this age, you should prepare to work for free too, getting your foot at the door is certainly more important for your future career than the cash literally! When the cash starts to flow in, learn to save, save and save because if you going to follow an alternate career path, monthly pay may not be a guarantee sometimes.

Another important tip is a palace to stay, you shouldn’t be ashamed to love with your parents and you have attained some level of financial stability.

However, it’s never too late to accomplish anything in your career. I believe there’s no specific calendar that everyone should follow as they go about life. Advancing in a career is still very possible if you put your mind and never ending effort to it.

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Mwandishi: Salma Hamisi

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