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Airtel launches school fee payment platform

AIRTEL Tanzania on Thursday launched a special payment solution through which customers can pay school fees by use of their Airtel Money accounts at their convenient during and after the festive season.

Airtel Money Director, Isack Nchunda said that this solution is aimed at addressing the challenge of school fee payments for the parents and a collection solution for the schools.

“I call upon Tanzanians and Airtel Money customers in general to use their Airtel Money accounts in paying school fees as it is a very convenience, quick, safe and reliable way of making payments,” he said.

Nchunda added that Airtel has decided to come up with this Lipa Ada payment solution as one among many ways of promoting financial inclusion amongst Tanzanians.

The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA), statistics show that Tanzania has more than 22.9 million mobile money subscriptions with total mobile money transactions value pegged at more than 8tri/- by June 2019.

In recent years, mobile money has evolved from traditional payments such as domestic remittances and airtime top-ups, to more complex financial products Nchunda added.

Speaking at the same event, Airtel Tanzania Public Relations and Communications Manager Jackson Mmbando said that Airtel prides itself as to have the biggest mobile money agent network in the country.

As a part of our retail expansion plan in line with the company’s long-drive to offer payment solution, Airtel has established over 1000 Airtel Money branches across the country aimed at supporting financial inclusion by bringing Airtel services and products closer to customers.

“Our plan is to continue to build a strong, reliable agent network with an array of services that can be accessed through our Airtel Money Branches in addition to traditional cash in and cash out,” he said.

Mwandishi: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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