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New sugar pack to penetrate wider market

KILOMBERO Sugar Company Limited has introduced new sugar pack to cater for the growing demand for prepacked sweetener aimed at increasing accessibility and ultimately penetrate wider market.

Commercial Director for Kilombero Sugar Company, Fimbo Butallah said at the launch of 5kg Bwana Sukari sugar pack in Dar es Salam on Thursday that the move follows a study conducted recently that showed high demand for hygienically pre-packed.

“Before introducing the new pack, we conducted study and established that customers with slightly high demand of sugar on a regular basis would prefer to purchase sugar in bulks ranging from 5kg to 10kg,” he said.

The new development comes at the time when the sugar company envisions executing its expansion plan whose study has reached and advanced stage.

The estimates of the investment that will include expanding the sugar factory, new investment by surrounding small scale farmers in expanding their cane growing and related infrastructure will amount to around 300 million U S dollars.

Currently, the total country demand for sugar was recently mentioned to have surged by over 16 per cent to 710,000 tonnes from 610,000 tonnes last year.

The rise in demand was contributed by the increase in new industries that use the sweetener, with the current demand for industrial sugar reaching 165,000 tonnes.

The new sugar pack provides customers with high demand of sugar the option of buying a readily packaged sugar from their trusted source.

He added that, customers with such demand are always subjected to purchase sugar packaged in unbranded plastic bags at retail stores, which is not always not hygienic, hence the new 5kg Bwana Sukari pack will guarantee them high quality sugar.

With this launch, the Sugar Company has made available sugar in six different volumes of packaging namely 50kg, 25kg, 5kg, 1kg, 340gram (Booster) and 160gram (Robo Plus).

“We therefore do not expect to see retailers continuing to pack and sell sugar in the unbranded 5kg bags, because it is not only against the law, but not hygiene too,” said Butallah.

Mwandishi: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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