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Oil, gas prospects bright, says TPDC

SOME areas have shown potential for availability of oil and gas during explorations that have been taking place for years now.

Tanzania Petroleum Development Cooperation (TPDC) Managing Director Dr James Mataragio told reporters on Friday that at least 13bn/- had been spent so far in the exploration exercise.

He was briefing reporters on the performance and achievements during four years of the fifth phase government.

He said there were several potential areas for natural gas and oil in the country and that upon the completion of exploration, the country would enjoy positive results.

Dr Mataragio said modern technology had been applied in the exploration activities and that some areas had shown prospects for intensive exploration of the world’s driver of economies.

He said the Airborne Gravity Gradiometer had shown possibility of gas and petrol deposits in the 8,773 kilometer long Mandawa block located in Kilwa District in Lindi Region.

He further brought to the limelight that the airborne gravity gradiometer, a scientific way of interpreting geophysical data, also revealed signs of petrol deposits in the 11,323 Km square kilometer of Eyasi Wambere block. Another is the 24,027km Lake Tanganyika block.

“The data gained from this exploration, which was conducted by our local experts have been sold to multinational companies for detailed exploration, where the government through TPDC earned 3.9bn/- through selling data,” he said.

He added that TPDC also used a 2d and 3d Seismic Data Acquisition, Data Processing & Interpretation system in 131 kilometers square in North Mnazi bay and Ruvu blocks, while for the Eyasi Wembere Block, he said that the next step was to drill wells and collecting cores which will be taken for laboratory tests later this month.

“For Mnazi Bay, we will spend 202.6bn/- for drilling two small scale wells. This is after successfully conducting a 3d Seismic Data Acquisition, Data Processing & Interpretation. Our expectation is to discover gas amounting to 1.032 Trillion Cubic feet of the natural gas deposit,” he said.

The TPDC boss added that the power, which is generated from natural gas, has increased by 61per cent from 553 MW in 2015 to 892MW in 2019.

He added that a total of 48 industries and 385 houses in Mtwara, Dar es Salaam and Coast Region are connected to gas.

Dr Mataragio added that the next move is to connect more industries and homes to natural gas.

He mentioned the regions of focus as Tanga and Dodoma, and that up to now, a total of 24 companies had already expressed interest to work with TPDC in extending the natural gas infrastructures system.

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