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State all out to resolve human-wildlife conflict

State all out to resolve human-wildlife conflict

THE Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Dr Aloyce Nzuki, said on Friday that the government was doing everything in its capacity to reduce conflicts and misunderstands between the public and authorities regarding wildlife.

Dr Nzuki said the human-wildlife conflict was very common in the areas where people and wildlife share limited available resources.

He added that the problem had been increasing due to some people settling and conducting various activities in areas reserved for wildlife.

Dr Nzuki cited climate change as a significant contributor to the rise in human-wildlife conflicts. Prolonged droughts, he said, resulted in reduced pastures and shortage of water.

He pointed out that interactions between people and wildlife could ultimately lead to crops being destroyed, livestock being killed, properties being damaged and peope being injured in the course of attacks.

Dr Nzuki pointed out, however, that the government had reduced criminal cases connected to violation of wildlife protection regulations.

The Director of Wildlife in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Dr Maurus Msuha, advised all people living near national parks and game reserves to install bee hives, which constitute a natural method of chasing away wild animals.


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