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Birth certificates for nearly 12,000 issued

SOME 11,816 children out of 37,778 who were targeted for registration in Bagamoyo District have received their birth certificates in the ongoing exercise in the area.

The government has launched a campaign to ensure children under five years of age get the certificates free of charge.

Chalinze Council Medical officer in charge Dr Ernest Kyungu said during the launching event in Chalinze Town recently that the exercise was going on well and that all children would get certificates.

Bagamoyo District Commissioner Ms Zainabu Kawawa said it was important for all Tanzanians to have birth certificates since the document identified them and helped them when registering or applying for other documents.

“The government’s aim is to ensure that all children under five years get their birth certificates through this exercise. It is now your responsibility to motivate other parents who have not yet done so to respond as quickly as possible and avoid unnecessary disturbances in future,” she remarked.

She also ordered street and village executive leaders to sensitize residents to take children for registration.

She said the exercise was set to end on December 19, this year.

One of the parents who received a birth certificate for his son said the exercise was well organized. She said taking services close to where the people lived was a great motivator.

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