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DIT, Costech now sign agreement to protect biodiversity

DAR ES SALAAM Institute of Technology (DIT) and Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (Costech) have signed an agreement to develop a national electronic system for preserving biodiversity facilitating access to information.

Under the project, “Development of a National Biodiversity Data Portal (ALT) based on ALA Open Source Software” the project also aims at facilitating the preservation and accessibility of biodiversity information in the country.

Speaking at the launch of the project and a high-level consultative meeting on biodiversity open data platform in Dar es Salaam at the weekend, DIT Deputy Principal Administration and Finance, Dr Najat Mohammed, said biodiversity information was essential for coordinating various economic and environmental plans.

"Generally, biodiversity is essential for the development of any nation because without it there is no life. Without plants, animals and insects human life will be in danger as biodiversity is a source of food, rain and various other human needs such as medicines, among others," Dr Mohammed said.

Dr Mohammed said DIT had decided to prepare a project proposal to fulfill national requirements for identifying and accessing biodiversity information for the benefits of many people in and outside the country.

The three-year project will cost $240m which provided by an American organization, JRS Biodiversity Foundation.

According to her, the project also helps the country to have a sustainable and modern electronic system of access to biodiversity information to many users for the country’s sustainable development.

Costech Director-General, Dr Amos Nungu said, "We met with various stakeholders today to discuss how to develop a national system of preserving and access of biodiversity information to our people," Dr Nungu said.

Prof Partako Munishi from the Department of Ecosystem and Conservation of Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) said it was very important to preserve biodiversity as it contributed much to national development.

ALL is set for the launch ...

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