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Students want Tanesco to walk its talk

CHRISTON Boys Secondary School students in Gumba area, Kisarawe District have called upon the Ministry of Energy to supply their school with power by connecting it to the national grid as promised.

The call from the students has come only two months after Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited erected electric poles and assured the Deputy Minister, Ms Subira Mgalu that power from the national grid will soon flow to the school and Gumba area.

“It looks like it was a hoax, a practical joke. We were happy that we would be getting permanent power soon. They have never come back. We are now appealing to the Minister for Energy and his Deputy to intervene,” said Brian John, who is a student.

Kisarawe District is one of Tanzania’s underdeveloped districts in the Coast Region.

The government wants electricity to flow into the district to trigger off small industries in order to generate jobs for rural young people and spur modern social services.

The district has the fifth largest population (101.593 people) in the region, with a huge growing rural population at 84,174 people, or 11.4 percent of the total regional population, according to the 2012 census.

Another student complained that Tanesco workers “cheated the deputy minister and all of us. They said power from the grid will soon put an end to the use of generators at this school.”

Another student, Said Ahmed commented: “We are told that Tanesco workers have lost interest in Gumba project without any apparent explanation.”Tanesco officials in the district were unavailable for comment yesterday. Two months back, Kisarawe District Commissioner, Jokate Mwengelo visited Gumba area and described the power problem as critical.

She called on residents to cooperate with Tanesco officials so that power from the national grid could flow to the school and homes.

The DC said meaningful transformation of the Gumba area would hugely depend on the flow of power from the national grid.

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