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Zanzibar targets all weather tourism to boost earnings

ZANZIBAR Commission for Tourism (ZCT) is embarking on all-weather tourism at the expense of seasonal sightseeing to boost foreign earnings and market the country internationally.

ZCT Commissioner, Khamis Mbeto Khamis said here over the weekend that through a series of tourism festivities, the country will keep visitors flowing irrespective of seasons.

Speaking at the launch of organising committee for the June-scheduled tourism event, Mr Khamis said excessive reliance on seasonal visitors was denying the country substantial earnings.

He described tourism festivities as highly beneficial to Zanzibar because they increase visitor arrivals and tourist spending in the economy.

Commissioner Khamis noted that Zanzibar has made big strides in tourism, citing the many five-star hotels and tourist attractions, including ruins, as reasons for many holiday makers to opt for Zanzibar.

“Every time we host these festivities, we witness the arrival of many visitors in the country, and even wananchi with hotels, taxi vehicles and restaurants get the opportunity to participate in tourism for all and earn good money,” he said.

He asked native Zanzibaris with financial muscles to invest in the tourism sector through construction of modern tourist hotels, describing the sector as highly lucrative.

“The goal of President (Ali Mohammed) Shein is to ensure that Zanzibar tourism is growing and the country is increasing revenues,” he said.

Fishermen Tours Director and Committee Member Ali Amour said the festivities envisage exhibiting the power of Zanzibar tourism through involvement of visitors and investors who will market the country’s tourism potential globally.

They will all visit to see and experience the available tourism attractions, he said.

The committee member hinted that this year’s festivities will differ from the previous years’ as they will scout appropriate customers and invite them to get Zanzibar exposure and taste of the country’s endowed tourist wealth.

Unlike the previous years, Mr Amour said, this year’s festivities have been organised earlier to pave way for the country’s general elections whose process starts as early as July.

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Mwandishi: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Zanzibar

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