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Shot in the arm for orphanage centre

THE public has been urged to support orphans with basic needs to meet education requirements, a move that complements the government in offering education for children in the country.

Former first lady, Mama Anna Mkapa made the call in Kibaha, Coast Region on Tuesday after receiving various items including desks and chairs donated by the Chinese construction firm, Sonoma to support Kibaha village children’s center.

Mama Mkapa who is also a chairperson of Equal Opportunities for all Trust Fund (EOTF) said providing orphans with basic items create an enabling environment for children to access education that is freely offered by the government.

“Orphanage centers must be supported specifically to meet education requirements that will reduce street children and those who left out of school due to poor background of their parents,” she said.

Mama Mkapa went on to persuade various stakeholders to compliment the government efforts of offering education for all so that they can bear positive fruits of eliminating street children and have the educated future generation.

For his part, Deputy General Manager of SINOMA Mr Lu Xiaoqiang said that the donation which went in hand with cerebration of the new Chinese year aimed at stimulating the children’s center and to promote education development for the needy children.

He added that this was just being and the future plan is to keep giving out more support. Kibaha Village Children’s Center’s manager, Mr Deogratius Mosha said that currently there are 15 children being taken care of and have started receiving early childe hood education.

He added that the plans were to build primary and secondary schools so that the children at the center and those from neighboring community can get access to education.

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