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DTB set to increase customer base

DIAMOND Trust Bank Tanzania Limited has identified strategies to increase the customer base this year, an opportunity for more unbanked population access banking services.

The Bank’s Chief Executive Officer and Country Manager Mr Viju Cherian said at the 12th Annual Business Plan conference that, “As a business, the primary challenge facing us today is to achieve the critical mass to profitably leverage the digital and automation investments,”.

DTB Tanzania has set a training schedule for all customer facing staff members to attend soft skills capacity building in customer interaction and grievance handling this year.

The Bank is fully committed to improvement of service standards parallel to balance sheet growth and branch network expansion.

Although supported by the most contemporary alternative banking channels like ATMs, point of sale of devices, mobile and internet banking platforms, DTB-Tanzania will continue to open new branches to accelerate further financial inclusion.

The Bank’s Head of Human Resources, Makoye Ngofillo said motivated and equipped employees with incredible skills on customer interaction are the right workforce for the changing world into fourth industrial revolution.

“The brainstorming with the Branch Managers has given valuable inputs as we set to expand our branch and customer network. I am confident that the training initiative will see the 550 strong team DTB scaling new peaks of performance,” he said.

The agenda for the year is to bring the Customer back to the centre stage and increase the number of clients exponentially.

“To achieve this, we aim to make the customer experience exceptional and move customer delivery standards from Good to Great,” he added.

The Bank opened a new branch in Singida on December last year and the second branch in Zanzibar is likely to commence operation in April 2020.

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