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Mafia set to carry out land survey

MAFIA District Council in Coast Region is in the process of conducting land survey and evaluation exercises in all its areas, with the aim of increasing land value which will pave the way for investment projects and increase income.

District Commissioner Shaibu Nnunduma told the Minister in Prime Minister’s Office (Investment), Ms Angela Kairuki, during her one day tour in the district on Wednesday, that almost all land in the district had not been evaluated, thus hampering the establishment of investment projects in the area.

He was responding to Minister Kairuki’s call on district authorities to provide the land to more investors.

“We have suitable land for establishing investment projects but it has not yet been evaluated. As a district, we are working to resolve issue because when investors come, they ask for land with titles for establishing various projects “, he noted.

Contributing to that, Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) Director of investment Promotion John Mnali emphasized that it was very important to make land evaluation, ready for allocating it for investment activities.

For his part, District’s Land Officer, Chuchu Ochere confirmed that the council had prepared the master plan for surveying activities to be carried out in the district soon.

On chronic transport problems, the DC said his office had been making close follow-ups, and that a government funded ferry from Dar es Salaam to the island would start operations very soon.

In addition, he said, the government was making arrangements for its planes to start flying to and from the district.

The minister urged the district to continue its efforts in expanding the investment sector, saying that about 57.8 percent of the district’s area was suitable for marine and beach tourism which can contribute largely in increasing revenue and creating employment opportunities.

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