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Avoid foul play, Magufuli urges CCM members

CCM National Chairman President John Magufuli has warned party members against involvement in foul play as the ruling party prepares itself to hold primaries later this year ahead of the general election.

The national chairman sounded the warning yesterday in Dar es Salaam during the meeting that involved CCM leaders from different levels, including its three wings - Women, Parents and Youth.

He asked party members to refrain from embracing some individuals in the envisaged primaries for reasons best known to themselves as the malpractice would cost the party dearly in the general election.

“You should carry your names in your pockets for personal gains, but instead safeguard the party’s interests, observe CCM norms and ethics and desist from corrupt practices,” Dr Magufuli stressed.

During the meeting, President Magufuli also reminded party leaders that the reforms his government was instituting in various sectors were aimed at strengthening the country’s economy and promote good governance for the ultimate objective of building a unique state.

He said since he assumed office more than four years ago, the country had recorded notable achievements in various sectors.

He said in the area of good governance, the government instilled discipline and accountability among civil servants.

“When the fifth phase government entered into power in 2015, the country had 20,000 ghost workers and 15,000 unqualified civil servants who cost the government millions of shillings in terms of the wage bill,” he said.

Dr Magufuli said that the elimination of ghost workers and efforts to curb corruption and embezzlement of public funds enabled the government to save a lot of money which had been spent on executing various projects.

He cited implementation of mega projects using tax payers’ money like the 2,100-megawatt Julius Nyerere Hydropower project in the Selous Game Reserve at a cost of 6.5tr/- , Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma to the tune of 7.26trn/-.

Dr Magufuli said that although the hydropower project was highly criticised, the government decided to execute the project because will be beneficial to the nation.

“This project received criticisms because there were some people who had wanted to safeguard their interests in Selous Game Reserve ... within the sanctuary there were 38 airstrips and 47 hunting blocks which were benefiting a few people,” Dr Magufuli said.

He said that the situation also prompted him to demarcate part of the Selous Game Reserve and establish Nyerere National Park which he said was expected to attract more investors in the country.

Dr Magufuli further explained that the government decided to allocate 32.5 per cent of the country’s land for national parks, facilitating an increase in the number of tourists from 1.1million to 1.5 million.

“We are determined to build an economy of a different country with disciplined, hardworking people,” the president said.

He further said that the government had also invested in the health sector by increasing the budget for medicines from 31bn/- in 2015 to 270bn/- and built 352 health centres in ward and 69 district hospitals.

The President called upon party leaders to ensure that they make close follow-ups of all government projects being executed, in implementation of the CCM election manifesto.

“You have the authority to question the implementation of any project in the country because it is in line with implementation of the party’s manifesto ... you have the responsibility of ensuring that such projects are implemented efficiently,”he said.

CCM will now change its campaign tactics as ...


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