PM tells ID seekers to exercise patience

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has called upon Tanzanians who applied for national identity cards to be patient, assuring that all applicants will be provided with the IDs.

He said that the applicants will get them after the authorities go through their documents and be satisfied that they are genuine Tanzanians.

He noted that the verification of the documents was done for security purposes.

The premier made the remark when addressing members of Chama Cha Mapinduzi National Executive Committee (NEC) Kigoma Region.

“All people who want to enter Tanzania must observe the required procedures... immigration and other State organs must ensure that they are good people even though they have followed proper procedures,” Premier Majaliwa said.

He said that regions bordering neighboring countries were facing a challenge of people entering the country without following required procedures; That is why authorities need to verify the documents for those who apply for national IDs Mr Majaliwa said the government had reinforced equipments and workforce to allow the National Identification Authority to meet its objectives.

He, however, directed all people who were asked for bribes as a condition for being issued national IDs to report to legal organs.

Mr Majaliwa said that it was crucial for the country to strength security and defense in border regions.

Meanwhile, the PM has called upon CCM members to cooperate with members of parliament and councilors when executing their duties instead of frustrating them.

He called upon party leaders to shun tribalism and religious hatred when nominating people who will contest for various posts within the party.

While in Bukoba on Thursday, meanwhile, Mr Majaliwa directed CCM leaders to establish viable projects to enable the party to have a viable economy base.

Similarly, he directed the leaders to organise regular meetings with ten cell leaders and recruit more members as the nation heads toward the October General Election.

He gave the directives on Thursday when he addressed members of the Regional CCM Executive Committee held in Bukoba Municipal Council.

Premier Majaliwa, who is the CCM National Patron for Kagera and Kigoma regions, also appealed to women across the country to vie for various leadership positions in the much awaited 2020 General Election.

“In efforts to ensure that Tanzania attains the 50/50 gender threshold by 2030, more women should vie for various leadership positions,” he said.

He urged Tanzanians to remain united and should not allow political differences to divide them. He also warned them to avoid electing into power, people who use money to buy votes, noting that such people were politically bankrupt.

“As the nation moves towards the October General Election, Tanzanians should be on guard and report people with bad intentions who want to divide people and plunge the country into chaos. “We should avoid repeating past mistakes and instead elect committed leaders who are ready to serve people diligently,” he said.

He noted that Bukoba Urban Constituency has for the past five years (2015-2020) been led by the opposition Chadema, noting that it was high time a Member of Parliament (MP) emerged from the ruling CCM.

He challenged District Executive Directors (DED) to identify projects in agriculture, livestock and fisheries to add revenue to their respective councils.

He also called on leaders to sensitize people to get prepared to benefit from the multibillion projects being implemented by the Fifth Phase government under President John Magufuli.

He cited the projects as including tarmac roads, construction of a new steamer for Lake Victoria, the new Busisi bridge and free education.

“Do not hesitate to publicize the success recorded by the CCM–led government. This is a big incentive as we prepare for the elections. The fifth phase government, he said, was keen to improve the infrastructure like roads and bridges especially along border regions including Kagera Region.

This would attract investment opportunities including foreign markets. The roads will also ease transport of people and goods. Completion of the project will enhance economic and social development. This would invite investors to contribute in industrialisation through modern agriculture, a key priority for the fifth phase government, he said.

“Industries that produce goods for mass consumption such as clothes, textiles and edibles are highly encouraged. Industries have great potential of creating jobs and attracting capital, skills and knowledge... industrialisation is the way to prosperity...national development cannot be imported, it must come from within.

President Magufuli’s administration has embraced industrialisation as part of the panacea for unemployment among the youth because industrialisation drive was expected to be one of the significant remedies by creating thousands of job opportunities across the country, “ he said.

He noted that the upgrading of Burigi Chato, Rumanyika Karagwe and Ibanda Kyerwa and National Parks was a golden opportunity for Tanzanians to benefit through construction of five star hotels.

As an agriculture-based economy, the private sector should tap on this to fulfil President Magufuli’s vision to make Tanzania a middleincome economy by 2025.

He noted that without an efficient industrial base, the country’s economy can hardly develop and create job opportunities.

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