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Campaign set to highlight more Covid-19 protective measures

A NON-GOVERNMENTAL organisation, ‘Babawatoto’, has come up with a campaign to sustain behaviours for keeping people safe from Covid-19.

The behavioural change campaign dubbed ‘Covid- 19, Nitavuka’ targets groups vulnerable to the pandemic. Babawatoto Executive Director, Mgunga Mwamnyenyelwa said that the project will target motorcycle riders (bodaboda), food vendors and tricycle riders in two municipalities of Ubungo and Kinondoni in Dar es Salaam.

The campaign comes amidst good news of a drastic drop in the number of patients suffering from the disease in the country.

The government and other stakeholders have successfully spread awareness campaigns to make people understand measures against the disease, he acknowledged.

“Now for us we want to go a step ahead in emphasizing behavioral change since experts argue that the disease could be part of our lives,” Mr Mwamnyenyelwa stated.

He assured that the organisation was capable of bringing positive results because it has been doing social behavioral change activities for the past 20 years now.

“Communication tools and messages will be used to motivate behavioral changes among the targeted groups and their associates,” he said.

Dar es Salaam Regional Community Development Officer, Flora Masue said the region has high expectation on the project in fighting the virus.

“Though the trend of infection is good so far, we need to continue taking precautions,” he said, noting that the groups chosen for the campaign can play a vital role.

However, she said that the region had already started campaigns to spread education among members of the public on precautionary measures.

Elaborating on the ‘Covid- 19, Nitavuka’ project, its coordinator, Brenda Mlwale explained that the campaign will run from June 9-10.

It will involve distribution of stickers, posters and other items for spreading messages to the groups, aiming to reach at least 1500 people in 20 wards, 10 in each municipality.

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