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Five programmes to spur economic growth

ZANZIBAR will in the coming financial year execute five ambitious programmes to spur industrial development and accelerate economic growth.

They are industrial development intensification, improvement of business environment, strengthening of the country’s standard bureau, licence issuance system for the development of the private sector and empowerment of entrepreneurs.

Trade and Industry Minister Ambassador Amina Salum Ali told the House of Representatives here on Thursday that under the industrial development programme, industrial parks will be constructed for investors to operate smoothly.

Moving her ministry’s 23.57bn/- budget estimates, Minister Amina said entrepreneurs will receive training, logistic support and loans to operate their enterprises.

Through the fair business competition programme, the minister said, the government will work hard to safeguard consumer interests by inspecting and certifying weighing scales and measures as well as scrutinising businesses and warehouses, the minister said.

She said the national business council will further be empowered to coordinate and manage consultations between the government and private sector through various business forums.

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