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Upward trend in pregnancy, rape cases irks Bunda district authorities

THE government in Bunda District, Musoma Region, has launched a special operation to hunt for individuals suspected of raping and impregnating more than 40 students.

This phenomenon came to the attention of Bunda authorities this week after the reopening of schools that some students were raped and impregnated at the time they were at home during a prolonged leave caused by Covid-19.

Bunda District Commissioner Lydia Bupilipili made this heart breaking revelation when she received a report on the implementation of the fifth phase government manifesto, adding that the number was likely to increase.

She said from January to June this year 26 schoolgirls from elementary and secondary schools were pregnant while 19 rape cases were reported in the district.

"The government is hunting for the culprits, including parents allegedly marrying off their daughters after receiving the bride price," she said.

Ms Bupilipili noted that during the past five years projects worth 80bn/- had been implemented in the district under the fifth phase government in the sectors of education, health, infrastructure and water.

Yassin Ally, director of Kivulini, said the nongovernmental organisation was sponsoring one schoolgirl’s education whose father allegedly raped her to study to university level.

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