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I’m indebted to Tanzanians- JPM

PRESIDENT John Magufuli has said the level of confidence and trust shown by CCM members leave him with a huge debt, but pledged to live up to the voters’ expectations.

A joyous Dr Magufuli vowed to repay the faith CCM Congress members showed in him with an outstanding performance in office if re-elected for the second presidential term in the coming general election.

Expressing his gratitude after a clean sweep of votes during the party’s general congress in Dodoma yesterday, Dr Magufuli vowed to continue serving the public diligently and with a new vigor.

The CCM Chairman said that he didn't expect that he could be endorsed by all members of the national congress.

"I didn't expect to get all votes and endorsed by 100 percent...I cannot find a proper word to express my appreciation but what I can say is that the faith and confidence you have placed in me is a huge debt to CCM members and Tanzanians in general," Dr Magufuli said.

Dr Magufuli, however, reminded CCM members that there is still tough work ahead, warning against laxity ahead of the October elections.

He demanded solid campaigns to ensure the party secures massive victory.

"We have a huge task to collaboratively campaign to win," he noted.

He cautioned against divisions within the party—saying entertaining divisions would likely cost the ruling party's parliamentary and councillorship seats during the forthcoming general elections.

Dr Magufuli suggested that CCM had lost many seats due to avoidable divisions orchestrated by losing candidates.

"Internal nominations for Zanzibar's presidential post must send a clear lesson to us all," he said lauding that all 32 candidates who had shown interest to run for the high office has so far forged unit in support of Dr Hussein Mwinyi who was elected to run for the presidency on CCM ticket during the October polls.

He urged all aspiring politicians to unite regardless of the outcomes of preliminaries within their party in order to ensure they emerge with a landslide victory in the forthcoming election.

At least 1.1 million members of the party endorsed President Magufuli's nomination document to run for re-election in office.

President Magufuli wanted all members to stand as one nation and commit to serving the people diligently.

He insisted all those who will be re-elected or elected must commit to working for the people regardless of their political, ethnic, or religious differences. 

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Mwandishi: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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