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Don't be fooled by my politeness – Dr Mwinyi

ZANZIBAR’s CCM presidential flag bearer, Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi, has vowed to act tough on corruption, theft and embezzlement of public resources, if elected, warning all individuals who harbor feelings that he is too polite.

Voted by the National Executive Committee (NEC) on Friday as its flag bearer for Zanzibar, Dr Mwinyi promised to bring a sharp contrast to his well-known personality that he was a cool person, where some people doubted whether he would be able to act tough on corruption practices.

“Do not be fooled by my politeness. I will be strict and firm when it comes to deal with issues such as corruption, carelessness, and fraud; I have watched and learned a lot during the five years I have been under President John Magufuli’s administration,” he asserted.

Giving his stand as he addressed the ruling party’s National Congress meeting at the Jakaya Kiwete Hall in Dodoma yesterday, Dr Mwinyi reiterated that people should expect him once elected, to come up with the leadership style resembling that of the Union president when it comes to matters hindering development.

There have been rumours across the country especially in the Isles that cited Dr Mwinyi’s politeness as a weakness in the fight against rampant corruption in Zanzibar.

Noting that, Zanzibar needs a leader of President Magufuli’s caliber to redress the situation currently in the Isles.

“There are speculations that I am too polite, but I have learned from you (referring to President Magufuli) that there are things that need one to be strict and firm, and I will do so without hesitation. I dare say that once I am elected I will be a good leader because of what I have learned from you,” he said.

He recounted that during his political journey, he has been blessed to work under three presidents.    

Acknowledging, former President Benjamin Mkapa as the one who helped him open the chapter of his political journey.

“As a young lad aged 33 years and a Member of Parliament representing Mkuranga; Former President Mkapa appointed me to be the Deputy Minister of Health and that is when my political journey officially began,” he narrated.

He further thanked the fourth phase President Jakaya Kikwete, that in his ten years reign he was among his cabinet ministers. He was appointed to be the Minister of State Vice-Presidents' office (Union affairs), Minister of Health and Minister of Defense and National services.

Dr Mwinyi further recognised Zanzibar’s President Ali Mohammed Shein, noting that he has learned a lot from him and promising him that his prudence and wisdom have also rubbed off on him.

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