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Chamwino State House beckons after 51 years in wait

THE construction of the new State House offices at Chamwino in Dodoma is expected to be completed by the end of this year-concluding nearly 51 years since the founding father of nation, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere inaugurated it.

Initially, Mwalimu Nyerere built a tent to serve the purpose in 1969 and resolved permanently that the government relocates to Dodoma, as the country’s capital city.

The plan was later endorsed by a vote in 1973.

To reinforce that, on Sunday, President John Magufuli announced that his government was focused on making Mwalimu Nyerere’s dream come true.

He said the government has invested massively in infrastructures to make Dodoma measure and reflect a capital city’s status.

Speaking to members of CCM’s highest decision-making organ and delegates of the party’s general congress, during special lunch, Dr Magufuli said the government was releasing over 600bn/- to finance the construction of a 110 kilometres- long outer ring roads in the city.

The President also said an additional 500bn/- would be released to finance the construction of Msalato International Airport.

“I have been informed that the construction of this building will be completed in six months’ time from now,” he said.

The new structure is designed with eight units and a basement being built by Tanzania National Service with funding from domestic revenues, a structure that was designed by Tanzania Building Agency (TBA).

However, the Chamwino based State House has been strategically designed to accommodate a Zoo that would accommodate key wildlife including giraffe, peacock, rabbit, hare, dik-dik, and zebra among others.

Official records from the State House show that already the area with at least eight dams of freshwater so far has 120 Zebras, Antelopes (210), Tragelaphus (37), Giraffe (16), Hare (460), Dik-dik (340), Guineafowl (3,000), Hyenas (17), Swans (110), Taurotragus (40), Peacock (520) and 24 other bird species.

The head of state who on Saturday was nominated by his party-CCM to run for his second five-year term in office said the State House Office is a public structure in which he is only a tenant.

He announced that the government has moved to build the 27 kilometres-long wall to secure the land for many more activities by forthcoming presidents, adding: “We are also building 68kilometres-long roads network to facilitate people visiting the office to also tour through the Zoo.”

The Head of State, however, seized the opportunity to thank members of the CCM, the public and the security organs for upholding peace and security during the last five years of his presidency.

President Magufuli recited that during his first year of his leadership, he was greeted by wave of killings especially in Dar es Salaam, Kibiti and Rufiji, where at least 20 police officers lost their lives.

“Security organs have done a big job to restore peace and security and today the country is peaceful,” he added.

He explained that his administration will maintain the same pace and ensure that it improves the social and economic condition in the country.

Earlier, Vice-President, Ms Samia Hassan Suluhu expressed her gratitude to the Head of State for showing a big trust to women in his administration. “You trusted me to become your running mate during the 2015 General Election, and you have trusted me again,” she said.

On his part, former Premier, Mizengo Pinda said the government has shown a wonderful performance in the past five years, citing the country entering in the low-middle income economy, which every Tanzanian should be proud of.

THE government has urged local financial institutions to ...

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