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Come polls day, rationality, not empty chatter , will win

HARDLY a day passes without news media organs highlighting accounts focused on the achievements that the Fifth Phase government led by President John Magufuli has recorded.

The news is delightful as it translates into delightful headway that the government has made with the passage of time - that, progressively, the country is being positively revolutionised on social and economic fronts.

Many people are delighted because they see and sense hopes of a better life, which is the opposite of misery. One of the manifestations of the happiness that wananchi feel is whenever the President delivers addresses.

These range from remarks at stop-overs during road trips upcountry, to relatively lengthy addresses that are given prominent coverage by media organs, plus the bold measures he regularly takes, for instilling discipline into the service delivery machinery.

President Magufuli is perceived as a compatriot who is earnestly eager to serve his country for the ultimate benefit of all fellow compatriots. The consistent government’s achievements is heart-warming to wananchi who are the direct beneficiaries.

His zeal is the equivalent of awakening a sleeping giant, in the sense that, as he regularly reminds his fellow citizens, Tanzania is an immensely resource-rich country that had long been plundered by external human sharks, in collaboration with greedy, unpatriotic local agents.

Its no wonder that, by resetting the country on the rails, President Magufuli has earned tremendous praise at home and worldwide.

It is by extension no wonder, though, that, for negative forces within and beyond the country, the government’s successes constitute bad news for the negative elements.

It is because they would be happy, and celebrate most delightfully, if the reverse were the case. Into that scenario is factored a certain Opposition camp politician who has virtually turned empty chatter into a profession.

He recently made incredibly hollow remarks, the thrust of which was to belittle some projects that the Fifth Phase government had recorded, stating that, after all, similar ones had been attained in the past.

They were and will remain hollow, because, President Magufuli has never belittled the achievements of previous governments, but either making superintending over improvements or chipping new ones into the bargain.

The electorate is by and large a sober, intelligent lot that can’t be easily swayed by hollow sentiments. Ultimately, then, victory will be anchored on sobriety and rationale, and not, repeat, NOT EMPTY CHATTER!

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Mwandishi: EDITOR

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