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The ‘Kiki’ approach as polls victory tool is sheer lunacy

LANGUAGE evolves with the passage of time, and that’s a progressive trend. For, if any language were to remain static, the speakers would most probably become bored due to a given means of communication being devoid of what we may light-heartedly brand as spices.

Over time, our own beautiful Kiswahili language has been enriched by the infusion of words and expressions drawn from other mediums of communication.

In-between are valid concerns that the national language that has become popular beyond the country, is being ruined.

This is captured by the sarcastic expressions “Kiswanglish”, “Kiswakinge” and “Kiswangereza”, to mock the mixture of the national language with English.

Still, absolute avoidance of “linguistic marriage” is impossible. It’s interesting how, we, Tanzanians, are adept at infusing English words or expressions into Kiswahili, but which turn out to render powerful meanings to given situations.

“Kick” is one of them, the revised version of which, “Kiki”, neatly captures the behaviour of certain elements within Tanzania’s political opposition constituency.

The reason is straightforward. The elements are devoid of concrete policies and programmes anchored on the “national good”.

This is personified by factors like preaching and consolidating the spirit of national family-hood, promoting peace and harmony, and conceiving policies and programmes for enhancing Tanzania’s social welfare promotion and economic development.

The dilemma that the political elements we are alluding to are facing is that, the current government under the leadership of President John Magufuli has recorded many fantastic achievements in various sectors during the first tenure so far.

The achievements have tremendously delighted many wananchi, plus, more compellingly, people elsewhere in the African continent and farther afield.

Hence the high esteem in which Dr Magufuli, and, Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), the ruling party he leads as national chairman, are held.

Plus, by extension, the automatic prediction that, the esteem would be converted into electoral victory for the party come the October-scheduled polls. CCM’s relatively higher popularity notwithstanding, though, its opponents can win people’s hearts and minds by espousing policies and programmes that they perceive would surpass those of the ruling party. By and large, that isn’t the case.

Instead, we are treated to the “kiki” aspects we hinted on at the beginning, by way of cynically undermining the achievements registered under the presidency of CCM presidential candidate John Pombe Magufuli.

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