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ZEC axes 15 parliamentary candidates

THE Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC) has officially removed 15 candidates from the candidacy for the Member of the House of Representatives, with the axe falling on13 ACT-Wazalendo aspirants.

The 13 were initially declared ineligible by the ZEC returning officers, but later appealed to the electoral body against their elimination.

Those eliminated with their constituencies in brackets include Mr Haji Ali Haji (Tumbatu) and Mr Hassan Jani Masoud (Nungwi), all from ACT-Wazalendo party. Others are Mr Haji Mwadini Makame (Kijini), Mr Juma Duni Haji (Mtoni), Mr Hasne Abdalla Abeid (Bububu), Mr Hamad Masoud Hamad (Ole), Mr Omar Ali Shehe (Chakechake), Mr Khamis Rashid Khamis (Chonga), Mr Issa Said Juma (Konde), Mr Mmanga Mohamed Hemed (Tumbe), Mr Ishaq Ismail Sharif (Wete) all from ACT-Wazalendo party. Others are Juma Ali Juma (Ole-CUF), Abbasi Omar Abass (Demokrasia –Makini party), UPDP party’s Yussuf Said Hamad (Chakechake), and CCM party’s candidate, Othman Ali Khamis (Mtambwe).

Those disqualified to contest for councillorship posts are Zuli Juma Simba (Kijini), Salum Khamis Malik (Kipange), Ali Mzee Ngossani (Mahonda), Haasan Maulid Ame (Ubago), Khamis Abdalla Khamis (Wawi), Mohammmed Hafidh Khamis (Chakechake) all from ACT-Wazalendo, and Mohammed Gulam Mohamed (Chakechake) all from CUF.

According to the ZEC Director, Mr Thabit Idarous Faina, their removal from the list of contestants in this year's general elections was based on forged birth certificates, conviction of criminal offence, double signing, lack of leave/permission from employer (for civil servants), and failing to observe ZEC procedures in filling in nomination documents.

Flanked by senior ZEC officers at its 'Media/Observers centre at Maruhubi, Mr Faina informed journalists that ZEC rejected and dismissed all appeals based on 'common mistakes' in filling in the forms, such as miss-spelling and wrong citation of residential areas.

"We wish all the best to those who have been cleared and nominated.

We hope to see civilised campaigns and peaceful elections," the director said. ZEC is managing Councillors, House of Rep, and Zanzibar Presidency elections, while its counterpart, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) is responsible for MPs, Union Presidency, and Councillors in the Mainland.

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