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DPP authorises prosecution of Chadema cadres

THE Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Mr Biswalo Mganga, has authorised the prosecution of four cadres of the opposition Chadema, for the role they allegedly played in the killing of Njombe resident, Emmanuel Mlelwa.

The suspects are Thadei Mwanyika, a resident of Kambarage in Njombe town, who is also a candidate for councillorship in the forthcoming General Election at Utalingolo Ward through the party and George Sanga, who is the party's Secretary for Njombe Town Constituency.

Mr Mganga mentioned other suspects in a statement issued in Dodoma yesterday as Optatus Nkwera, who is the party's publicity secretary at Ramadhani Ward and Goodluck Mfuse, also a resident of Njombe town.

He approved the charge against the quartet having complied with the principles set out in Article 59B (4) (a) to (c) of the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania of 1977 as well as the provisions of the National Prosecution Services Act no. 28 of 2008.

"Today September 30, 2020, I approved murder charges contrary to section 196 of the Penal Code Act against the accused. I have carefully reviewed the evidence and satisfied that it is sufficient to file charges against them," he said.

Without prejudice to what he stated, the DPP was also quick to point out that the evidence collected by the police force indicates the involvement of other suspects who have not yet been arrested.

"I have instructed the Police Force to continue its investigation to find and arrest all suspects involved in this incident," he stated in the statement.

As the custodian of criminal justice on behalf of the people of the United Republic of Tanzania, the DPP called on all people to live in peace, stability and harmony and in compliance with the laws of our country.

“I would like to remind all citizens that maintaining the peace and security of the nation was the responsibility of each and every one and, therefore, they must all disclose and report on acts aimed at disrupting the peace and security of the country.”

Giving more details on the matter, the DPP explained that on September 21, 2020 at around 9.30pm, the body of the deceased, who was not immediately identified, was found in Kibena Estate Dam area at Mtege Bridge in Njombe Region.

He stated the incident was reported to Njombe Police Station, where steps to preserve the body at the hospital were taken.

Investigations to establish the source of the death was conducted immediately and the doctor who conducted the examination identified suffocation as the cause of death of the man who was later identified as Emmanuel Mlelwa.


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