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Promises new 26 science schools

CCM presidential candidate Dr John Magufuli yesterday unveiled grand plans to improve the education sector, including setting up a conducive environment for students pursuing science studies.

Dr Magufuli, who was addressing hundreds of thousands voters at Mbeya Old Airport, said if re-elected his government would construct 26 special schools for science subjects. 

He said the government will build one school in each of the 26 administrative regions.

Dr Magufuli added that the implementation of the plan will go along with offering special training on mathematics, science and language to 20,000 specialised teachers.

Moreover, Dr Magufuli told the crowd that his government will also connect 1,500 secondary schools with internet services as a way of promoting Information Technology (IT) and ensure students are engaged in various subjects by using modern technology.

He said the said schools will be supplied with modern teaching equipment, including computers that will enable students to learn and participate fully in science related subjects.

Dr Magufuli said the government has successfully managed to provide free education and will continue implementing the policy in order to improve the sector and performance in next five years.

He was delighted that the investment in the education sector is paying off as evidenced by the recent Form IV National Examination results, in which a total of six public secondary schools were in the list of ten best schools in terms of performance.

Dr Magufuli said the government implemented various projects in the education sector in each region, which purposely aimed at improving the environment of providing education and the whole system.

Nationally, he said, the government constructed 905 primary schools, 228 secondary schools and employed over 17,000 teachers. The government also constructed laboratories, dormitories, teachers' houses and many other educational infrastructures.

On higher learning education, the number of students who are enrolled for studies has increased from 65,064 students of 2015 to 87,813 students in 2020.

Also the number of students who get loans from the Higher Learning Students' Loan Board (HESLB) has increased from 98,300 students in 2014/2015 to 130,883 students in 2020. The amount offered by the board in the past five years amounts to 2.20trl/-.

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