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TCCA introduces training of drone operators

THE Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA), through its Civil Aviation Training College, plans three-week training of drone operators in the country as part of the implementation of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System Regulations of 2018.

TCAA Director-General, Hamza Johari said in Dar es Salaam at the weekend during a stakeholders’ consultative meeting on civil aviation remotely piloted aircraft system that training will take off any time after the meeting.

He said like any aircraft, drone operations should comply with regulations to avoid any possible accidents in air space.

"A drone is a new entrant in the aviation industry. Operators, including journalists, should know that they are operating an air flight and not cameras. Hence, they must adhere to rules and regulations, including a section that prohibits them to fly the drone above 400 feet," he said.

“Anyone found running drones without permission will be committing an offence, and that is why police officers are part of this workshop to help enforce the regulations. TCAA will introduce a special system to monitor the operations of drones countrywide."

It was further noted after training that TCAA would offer licences and permits in categories, depending on a drone activity.

TCAA Director of Safety and Regulations Redemptus Bugomola noted that licence category 'A' was for recreational and sports as any operation intended for personal use only was recognised as recreational, including tourism and leisure.

“Category 'B' is for private operations like research or survey for personal use in universities, and category 'C' is for commercial purposes as any operation that will involve earnings from pictures and videos is recognised as profit making.

The civil aviation authority is responsible for, inter alia, ensuring aviation safety and security and protection of members of the public against aviation hazards. Operators of aircraft, whether manned or unmanned, are likewise responsible for operating safely," he said. 

Civil Aviation Training College Principal, Aristid Kanje said drones should be integrated in the existing aviation system in a safe and proportionate manner, and the course was meant to help students understand and get acquainted with the droning technology used, and at the same time acquire and develop high quality skills and competences, including entrepreneurial and digital competencies.

Zanzibar said on Thursday that more research ...


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