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CRDB launches savings culture campaign

CRDB Bank has embarked on two-month mission to cultivate a culture of savings among the people.

The lender, boosting over 5.4tri/- deposits, has also set aside 100m/- in form of rewards for the campaign dubbed 'Jipe Tano' (Give Yourself Five).

The bank’s aim, according to Head of Consumer Banking, Stephen Adili, is to enable depositors to reach their end year and life goals using their savings.

"Despite the bank's efforts in enabling customers to save and achieve their goals, it is clear that the culture of savings for Tanzanians is still limited.

Thus, we have decided to launch a special campaign to sensitise customers and Tanzanians in general on the importance of savings to achieve life goals," Mr Adili said.

The bank wants to create financial freedom to its customers, where one should have a deposit of not less than 50,000/- to stand a chance of winning a minimum of 5,000/- a week.

CRDB Bank Head of Marketing, Joseline Kamuhanda said the plan was to award 240 winners a week where 1.2m/- had been set aside for the purpose weekly.

"We all know we are about to end the year and start another one, with a number of New Year needs, including children's fees and various taxes," Ms Kamuhanda told reporters.

She said in addition to encouraging Tanzanians to save, the campaign also prepared people to plan better the beginning of a fresh year, which had its own financial difficulties.

The bank’s goal is to create an environment which after the campaign customers should start saving even with the little they have.

Participants should deposit their money in any of the bank's saving channels, namely Junior Jumbo, Malaika Account, SimAccount, FahariKilimo, Scholar, Tanzanite and SimBanking.

"As a patriotic bank," Ms Kamuhanda said, "we believe that we have a great responsibility to inspire and help open the doors of success for our customers and Tanzanians to achieve their goals".

CRDB Bank, despite the coronavirus pandemic, improved its quarterly profitability to 37.9bn/- from 35.1bn/- at the end of June this year.

The bank has over 3.0 million depositors, with over 5.4tri/- at the end of quarter two.

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Mwandishi: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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