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Brewer’s moderation message to reach one billion people

SERENGETI Breweries Limited (SBL)’s mother company, Diageo has launched a new ten-year sustainability action plan targeting more than one billion people with messages of moderation from its brands by 2030.

Diageo Chief Executive Officer, Ivan Menezes said, “As a global business, we are committed to playing our part to protect the future of our planet and to leading the way for others to follow. I am immensely proud of Diageo’s sustainability and responsibility achievements to date, and this new, ambitious action plan will challenge us even further to deliver more over the critical decade to 2030.”

 The brewer unveiled a range of 25 bold and ambitious goals in its ‘Society 2030; designed to make a positive impact on the world by 2030, to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

During the period, the company intends to change the attitudes of five million drivers towards drink driving, as well as educate over 10 million people on the dangers of drinking underage through ‘Smashed’, Diageo’s award-winning alcohol education awareness programme, now operating in every continent.

Diageo will build on its strong track record of inclusion and diversity by setting an industry-leading ambition to have 45 per cent representation of leaders from ethnically diverse backgrounds by 2030, as well as 50 per cent of all leaders being women.

The company will also provide skills and training to over 1.7 million people to help create an inclusive and thriving hospitality sector.

“By setting both gender and ethnicity goals for the business to achieve by 2030, I believe we can truly break down barriers and help shape a more diverse and successful long-term business and society,” he said.

Pursuant to promoting positive drinking, SBL through its national wide ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ campaign, has over the past five years led the crusade on responsible drinking countrywide that has impacted over 100,000 beneficiaries.

The campaign is implemented in partnership with the traffic police and other road safety stakeholders. The beneficiaries include motor vehicle drivers (both public and private vehicles), bodaboda riders, university communities and pedestrians.

On grain to grass, SBL has a network of 400 local farmers, growers of maize, sorghum and barley who supply up to 80 per cent of the company’s raw materials requirement a year.

The company also supports agriculture through the implementation of Kilimo-Viwanda Agro-scholarship programme, which aims at strengthening the existing pool of agricultural experts in the country, necessary in helping farmers increase productivity and ultimately their incomes

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