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Dar RC applauds nurses, midwives for quality services

THE Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner (RC), Abubakar Kunenge has commended the role played by nurses and midwives in meeting everyday essential health needs of its population.

He made the remarks in Dar es Salaam recently after visiting their pavilion at the Amana Hospital in Ilala, erected to showcase nurses and midwifery daily activities.

“Nurses play a central role in delivering health care, such efforts should be commended and appreciated, as they stay 24 hours with patients to ensure their health improves,” he said.

He added, “We have come together to congratulate and thank you for your hard work, but also for evaluating and putting in place a work plan to further improve the delivery of health services.”

The exhibition involved various hospitals in Dar es Salaam region, including government and private.

Dar es Salaam Region’s Chief Medical Officer, Rashid Mfaume reiterated the government’s commitment to continue improving health services.

He said when the fifth phase government came to power in 2015, the budget for essential medicines, medical equipment and supplies stood at 10bn/-, but it has now increased to 18bn/- for Dar es Salaam Regional hospitals.

Head of Nurses in Dar es Salaam region, Ms Victoria Bura commented that nurses are providing best services to patients

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