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Cultivate drought tolerant crops, agricultural experts say

AGRICULTURAL experts in Kishapu District have advised farmers to cultivate drought tolerant crops, including sorghum, in a bid to prevent possible food insecurity.

The District Agriculture Officer, Mr George Kessy affirmed that already relevant authorities have predicted the possibility of rain shortage in the coming farming seasons, hence farmers should take precautions.

“This is according to reports from the Tanzania Meteorological Authority (TMA), that the rains won’t be as much as those of the last farming seasons. People should be aware of this, and we as agricultural experts will keep farmers updated,” said Mr Kessy recently when handling over agricultural inputs in the district.

The inputs were provided by the Organization of People Empowerment (OPE), specifically for promotion of sorghum farming in Busangwa Ward, said the Agricultural Officer.

In response to weather forecasts warning of shortage of rains, he added that the district has launched special campaigns to educate and encourage farmers to embark on drought-resistance and tolerant crops as prevention measures against possible hunger.

“Given the fact that Kishapu is an arid land in nature, we do recommend sorghum, lentils, green-gram, sunflower, sweet potatoes, as well as cotton, among other crops,” said Mr Kessy.

OPE Projects’ Officer, Mr Joseph Kasya commented that the Organization had contributed agricultural inputs not only for fighting drought and insecurity, but also to have quality and quantity farm outputs from the given highbreed seeds.

Quantity farm outputs not only for fighting food insecurity but also income generating through surplus sales, he said, affirming that highbreed seeds have already been supplied to various groups in the district.

Mwajipugila group member, Ms Rebeka Ruchagula confirmed that she has received agricultural inputs and was in preparations for the coming farming season.

“We are also thankful for regular public education that gives us directions on the best ways for modern farming style,” she said.

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