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Mwinyi for more accountability

ZANZIBAR Presdient Dr Hussein Mwinyi is giving voice to the voiceless in an effort to make his government more accountable to the citizens.

Since assuming Presidency after the 2020 General Election, Dr Mwinyi has relentlessly strived to build a culture of accountablity in the semi-autonomous Indian Ocean Island.

And at the weekend the Isles leader took his efforts to a new height after launching a mobile application to help citizens register complaints and get solutions within a short time.

Dr Mwinyi said on Saturday night at the launching event that many people were still getting difficulties in communicating their problems to authorities and that the App would solve the problem and bring services closer to wananchi.

The Consumer app dubbed ‘Sema Na Rais Mwinyi (SNRMwinyi) is available for free and it could be downloaded on www.snrmwinyi. co.tz.

“This is an additional platform that we want to use to reach people quickly, listen to their grievances and respond to the problems,” President Mwinyi said.

Dr Mwinyi recalled that during the 2020 general election campaigns, many people complained of lacking special channel of filing their problems and that there was no direct link between them and the government.

“This situation necessitated the establishment of this App, so that wananchi could list their problems and get solutions on time,” he noted.

He said through the app, he will be able to follow-up people’s complaints, directing executives in all public offices and ministries to be accountable and respond to queries in all areas.

The App has been developed by young people operating under ‘Rahisi’ private company.

The company’s director, Mr Abdulrahman Hassan said: “We created the App for filing consumer complaints in support of Dr Mwinyi’s good leadership. People without smart phones can still file complaints by calling or sending sms to +255772444449.”

He asked people to use the App, which is one of the best methods that link people in most of African countries. Dr Mwinyi asked the public to use the App for raising serious issues that affect the community.

“Ministers and other senior executives should be able to track and resolve registered complaints immediately,” he said.

Zanzibar’s Chief Secretary Ms Eng Zena Ahmed Said commended the young people for coming with the App, saying such creativity and skills were crucial in the development of the country.

“This will definitely improve accountability in the government, this is the kind of creativity we need in moving the country forward,” she noted.

Giving the vote of thanks, Mr Taufiq Salim Turky, a business man and Member of Parliament for Mpendae described President Mwinyi and President John Magufuli as strong leaders who are committed to move forward the country in both political and social-economic aspects.

“It is difficult to record admirable economic growth without good leadership. We in our country are lucky to have visionary leaders like Dr Mwinyi and Dr Magufuli. The future is definitely better for us under these two strong leaders” he said.

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