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Land hoarders risk losing assets

Land hoarders risk losing assets

HOARDERS of unused land in Zanzibar risk losing their assets under the government’s strategies to manage all undeveloped investment areas, the House of Representatives was told.

Minister of State in the President’s Office, Labour, Economy and Investment, Mudrik Ramadhan Soraga said the government is aware of tracks of undeveloped land under the hoarding of domestic and foreign investors.

He said the government has embarked on identification and evaluation of all idle land prior to issuing their owners with six-month notice to develop or forfeit them.

Failure to develop the land, the minister said, the investors will lose the lands for reallocation.

Minister Soraga was answering a question by Mpendae Representative, Shaaban Ali Othman who wanted to know the government plan on undeveloped investment land in the country.

The minister further said the government is on the final stages of establishing the national land bank for investment, saying the envisaged bank will ease availability of land for investment projects.


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