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Ministry applies permit to hire 12,000 new employees to curb shortage

Ministry applies permit to hire 12,000 new employees to curb shortage

THE President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Government) has applied for a permit to hire 12,000 new employees to address the challenge of staff shortages in all district councils in the country.

This was stated by Deputy Minister of State, Dr Festo Ndugange, when answering various questions before the National Assembly.

One of the questions was asked by Timetheo Mnzava (Korogwe Rural-CCM) who wanted to know when the government will address the staff shortages in Korogwe District Council, especially in the Departments of Health, Education and Agriculture.

The Deputy Minister said that according to the 2020/21 allocation, Korogwe District Council should have 2,630 staff members.

As of March 2021, he said, Korogwe District Council had 2,294 staff members, thus having a shortage of 336 staff, which is equivalent to 12.8 percent.

He also said that the Health Department in the District Council should have 392 staff, but until March 2021, such department in the council had 263 staff, thus having a shortage of 129 employees, which is equivalent to 32.9 percent.

According to Dr Ndugange, the Primary and Secondary Education departments were supposed to have 1,891 staff members, but there were 1,604 staff only, thus, having a deficit of 287 staff members, which is equivalent to 15.2 per cent.

“The Agriculture, Irrigation and Cooperatives Department should have 55 staff, but has 45 members alone, thus, having a shortage of 10 staff, equivalent to 18.2 per cent,” the deputy minister said.

He also stated that the Office of the President-(Regional Administration and Local Government) has continued to recruit and provide staff members of various cadres in councils in the country where in the 2020/2021 financial year, new staff were recruited and assigned to Korogwe District Council.

The deputy minister said that among such new staff, 22 are secondary school teachers, 35 primary school teachers, six are from the health care and one Extension Officer.

He said that despite such efforts, in the 2021/22 budget, the Korogwe District Council has allocated 150 new jobs for various cadres.


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