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Majaliwa puts water contractors on notice

Majaliwa puts water contractors on notice

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa yesterday warned water contractors and engineers against poor performance in water projects implementation.

“We have performed a huge task of restoring discipline among officials in the public offices, and those who are still rigid, they will change upon experiencing disciplinary measures,” the Premier stated yesterday in Dodoma when opening a water stakeholders’ meeting.

The meeting, organised by the Ministry of Water, involved rural and urban water authorities, contractors, engineers and other stakeholders.

He told water engineers to ensure that they effectively supervise contractors in their areas and take actions against shoddy undertaking of projects.

“We must ensure that everyone, at his or her work station, implements his or her responsibility in order to make the government realise its target in supplying water,” he said, while stressing on ef ficiency, patriotism and effectiveness when implementing water projects.

Mr Majaliwa went on censuring dishonest contractors, who inflate costs of projects for their own benefits, while reprimanding them over unnecessary delays in completion of the projects.

The government targets to increase water supply in urban areas to 95 per cent and rural areas by 85 per cent come 2025. With this target, Mr Majaliwa issued several directives to the ministry, contractors and water engineers who implement water projects countrywide.

Among other directives, the Prime Minister directed that all executives should ensure that water sources are protected and increase more efforts in doing studies to identify new sources.

He specifically told the ministry to work closely with geoscientists for more research works and initiate other projects meant to increase water sources.

He went on instructing that places near major lakes of Tanganyika, Victoria and Nyasa are supplied with enough clean and safe water by constructing more water supply infrastructures.

As the water sector is a catalyst for the growth of other sectors including agriculture and industry, Mr Majaliwa commended the ministry for increasing water to supply to 72.3 and 86 per cent in rural and urban areas respectively by March, this year.

This was through implementation of number of projects in which, a total of 171 water projects, out of which 67 have been completed at a total cost of 756.2bn/- Earlier, the Minister for Water Jumaa Aweso said his ministry has shortlisted perfect contractors to continue working in implementing projects, noting that they have blacklisted a total of 118 engineers.

“I have agreed with my people in the ministry that we have sacrificed ourselves to make sure that people get clean and safe water,” he said.

He said the establishment of the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (RUWASA) has so far recorded strides in implementation of water projects, especially in supervising the projects.

Earlier, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Water, Dr Christine Ishengoma, commended the introduction of the Tanzania Water Fund, saying it has been enabled in supplying water in rural places.


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