Prioritize peace resolution to make GLR haven, delegates counsel

Prioritize peace resolution to make GLR haven, delegates counsel

DELEGATES who attended the just-ended three-day meeting in Dar es Salaam said here yesterday that Great Lakes Region will be peaceful place if people and governments will sincerely value and prioritise conflict resolution at all possible smallest units of society.

The training drew delegates from 12 countries and it sought to empower trainees to take immediate and apt action in resolving conflicts their societies in order to maintain peace well before things get off hand.

Zambian delegate, Brigadier-General Joyce Ng’wane Puta told reporters that resolution of conflicts and emphasis on peace will make populations lead tranquil lives, people will value social stability and promote development in the Great Lakes Region.

“We have been taught how resolve conflicts and maintain peace right from the grassroots in our society.  To me this is something good and valuable. For if we shall plant  peace at family level  it will be easy for  the next generations to inherit this system that will make our countries safe for it will be a system friendly to development,” she said adding that she will be a peace ambassador in her own society.

Mr Anastase Nabahire praised the training saying, if what has been taught will be practised societies will get closer and this will result into peace.  “Peace always starts with unity. We the people of Africa have a huge opportunity of getting united if we shall maintain peace.  I shall use this knowledge to resolve conflicts in my society in case of strife,” he pledged.

 Dr. Agge`e Shyaka Mugabe, one of the trainers, said the essence of the course was capacity building.  The knowledge acquired will enable trainees to resolve conflicts and restore peace so that the Great Lakes Region becomes a peaceful place.

She said many of course participants were women and youths because, she explained, the two groups are very influential in society.

“We now have a good team.  We are very optimistic our team will be of great value and will turn our societies into save societies living in peace and tranquility,” she said.

The meeting was organised under the umbrella of the International Conference on Great Lakes Region (ICGLR).


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