750bn/- to construct health centres for Rukwa’s hamlets

750bn/- to construct health centres for Rukwa’s hamlets

THE construction of health centers at three hamlets has kicked off here in Rukwa region, it has been learnt.

The projects execution was made possible after allocation of 750m/- by the Sixth Phase Administration to Rukwa region.

Rukwa Regional commissioner (RC) Mr Joseph Mkirikiti disclosed that while addressing the media held here yesterday, saying the fund was part of a mobile phone transaction charges collected by the government.

"The fund will be spent on the first phase of construction of three health facilities at Mwazye Division in Kalambo District, Kate in Nkasi and Kipeta Division along the Lake Rukwa Rift Valley Basin in Sumbawanga District.

Each construction project has been allocated 250m/- for the first phase in a bid to upgrade the health services delivery in the precincts" noted the RC.

The mobile phone money levies, which the Sixth Phase Administration had collected more than 63 bn/-,  have been channeled to the construction of 220 health centres in hamlets that have no health facilities across the country.

Mr Mkirikiri further says "this is a good gesture that the Sixth Phase Administration is keen to continue improving provision of social services including health services," emphasised the RC.

RC made an assurance that relevant authorities will closely supervise the spending of the fund for it to deliver the intended purpose vowing that no single cent would be embezzled.

Equally the RC directed all four council directors to ensure that local contractors based in the region are benefiting from the funds disbursed by the government to implement development projects.

He instructed the local government authorities in the region that they must use force account in the undertaking the development projects including construction of health facilities.

" It is not only disheartening but  council directors are weakening businesses  in the region by spending the funds allocated by the government to implement development projects by procuring  construction materials outside the region. This is unacceptable. the said fund must be spent on procuring building materials from traders based in the region" he directed.

Across section of citizens interviewed by this paper lauded the Six Phase Government for channeling over 750m/- to construction of health facilities, saying that will improve provision of health services.


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