US commends Dar for reinstating teen mothers to school

US commends Dar for reinstating teen mothers to school

THE US Government has commended Tanzania for education policy shift that provides opportunity for girl students, who become pregnant to continue with education after delivery.

Speaking at the Waache Wasome project being implemented by the World Education. Inc/ Bantwana and funded by the USAID, the US Ambassador, Dr Donald Wright said his country was pleased by the Tanzania's recent initiatives that aims to further educate girls, despite conceiving at tender ages.

"This proclamation indicates a more inclusive approach to education in Tanzania and a positive step forward for Tanzanians," he said.

The move, Ambassador Wright noted, was in line with USAID's central pillar to protect most vulnerable with specific emphasis on girls and young women empowerment.

Dr Wright said he was looking forward for the forthcoming formal policy and equally, applauded the government of Tanzania for what he said was an important step forward. 

The US envoy said, the new policy shift would bolster retention of girls in schools and addressing social norms and early marriage and pregnancy in school.

On his part, the Country Director of the World Education Inc, Lilian Badi expressed gratitude to the government of Tanzania and the US for their support to the project, which she said was a success.

"Our interventions targeted both in school and out of school groups in the community.  We work to build confidence among adolescent girls in secondary schools, while also raising awareness and knowledge on how they should protect themselves in their aspirations" she said.

She said the project afforded many adolescent Tanzania young girls and boys to meet their aspirations.

The US government spent more than 6 million US dollars in the Waache Wasome project under the USAID funding and implementation by the World Education Inc NGo based in Arusha.

During a press conference on Education sector's achievements over the last 60 years on November 25, this year, the Minister for Education, Prof Joyce Ndalichako announced that the government will allow adolescent mothers to continue with their studies after giving birth.

"The government has decided that all students who drop out of school for various reasons will be given an opportunity to return to school," she said.

The minister has already published a circular on the re-enrolment of students, who have dropped out of primary and secondary school due to a variety of reasons.

Students who have dropped out of school owing to pregnancy or truancy will be able to re-join within two years of dropping out, according to the document.

The document, which took effect on November 24 this year, also instructs schools and school administrators to ensure that students receive counselling in order to help them develop psychologically and socially with their peers.


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